IPhone Photo Recipes: Little Gerberas

Gerbera Flower Snapseed Edit Variation 2

Here is a shot that I took just outside my home. They were late bloomers but we had some gerbera flowers that started to come up along the edge of the walkway to our house. They are so bright, colourful and attention getting that I decided this would be a great IPhoneography subject.

The Composition

I tried a few different angles and a few different instances of the flowers to see what are the best shots I could come out with. Normally, you want to avoid centring a subject but there are times where that rule can be broken and it works. This was such a case.


Keeping the camera steady is always a challenge, but added to this instance was the wind which would at times blow the flower around. No HDR shots here as the result would have likely been blurry. The good thing is that it was very bright out so I had the advantage of having a high shutter speed to freeze any slight swaying of the flower.

SOOC (Straight Out of Camera Shot)

Gerbera Flower Straight out of Camera

Snapseed Recipe

The colour coming out of the camera for this shot was already great. Just wanted to add a bit or polishing to finish off the image.

1. Tune Image – Made mild increases to the Brightness and Contrast, added some Ambience, a little bit of Saturation and then left the Warmth slider alone.

2. Detail – This image was able to take a lot of sharpening but I did not want to over sharpen it. I sharpened successfully to about 80 percent without any destructive kind of artifacts on the image.

3. Center Focus – Started from the Vignette present and then pinched inward to close the circumference of the affected vignetting area to be tight around the petals.

4. Export – Stopping there I exported the final image that you see below.

Gerbera Flower Snapseed Edit

The resulting image is sharper, has more punch and contrast in colour and a a stronger vignetting effect to draw more attention to the petals. This image allowed me to play around with a couple of cropped variations seen below which adds even more interest to the flower. Whenever you want to make something more interesting or mysterious, show only a portion of it.

Gerbera Flower Snapseed Edit Variation 2

Gerbera Flower Snapseed Edit Variation 1

Everything about the post-processing was done on the iPhone using Snapseed from Google. Keeping it that way is like a challenge to me to see what can be accomplished with just the mobile tools available. But I personally love the results.