The Best Camera…

A shot of the falling sun behind a massive shelf of clouds on a September evening

“The best camera is the one that’s with you.” ~ Chase Jarvis

I was reminded of that today on my way to a meeting with the creative arts team at my church. I have been on a sort of “photography hiatus” since I had a surgery on my leg 9 weeks ago. I have not been able to get out and do any shooting. But inspiration, anticipation and beauty was unveiled before my eyes in an instant. It was getting towards the late evening as I was on my drive to the meeting and there was an unbelievable and massive shelf of clouds that had formed in the sky setting things up for what would be a spectacular sunset.

I was already in my car when I pulled out of my street. I began to regret and kick myself that I did not at least have my Nikon D40 body with me in the trunk of the car. I had promised myself a while back that I would do this in case there were spontaneous moments in nature like the one that was happening now!

Then I remembered that quote above by Chase Jarvis and decided to put that into practice. I had my iPhone with me. Unfortunately, I was not able to wait out the falling sun behind the horizon to completion or else I would have been late. However, I was able to pull over onto a side street on the way to grab the shot above (post processing in Lightroom 4).

I don’t know about you, but I often find that part of the fun is to see what you can capture with the resources that you have at hand. Many times it can result in pleasant surprise and satisfaction!